Soil washing (slowly) comes on steam

Slowly but surely soil washing of PFAS-containing soil is getting underway in the Netherlands. Upon enquiry from several soil washing companies, it appears that more than 50,000 tons of PFAS-containing soil has been successfully treated to date at a limited number of facilities.
Boskalis Environmental is one of the companies that
is currently busy cleaning PFAS-containing soil. This cleaning is intended as a pilot. The aim is to allow a long-term intake and processing. Other facilities are preparing pilot tests for cleaning PFAS contaminated soil as well. Most projects with PFAS contaminated soil are found from almost all over the Netherlands. This soil is contaminated with PFAS levels above the Class Industry standard (3, 7, 3, 3 ug/kg) and often also with other contaminants such as heavy metals, mineral oil or PAHs. The released soil is contaminated with PFAS by industrial activities, firefighting activities (use of firefighting foam) or by other diffuse sources.
In the Netherlands, a total of approximately 1.5 million tons of contaminated soil are cleaned by means of soil washing each year.
Given the total amount of treated PFAS soil of 50,000 tons, the share of PFAS soil is still small. We await with great interest the impact on the market when the final Framework of Action is announced.

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