Kenbri Fire Fighting joins PFAS Cleaning and Treatment Solutions

As of the 15th of November 2020, Kenbri Fire Fighting officially joined PFAS Cleaning and Treatment Solutions. Kenbri, an important service provider in fire prevention and firefighting, offers a wide range of services that encompass inspection, consultancy, rental, certification, maintenance as well as the engineering and construction of fire trucks. Kenbri is the official dealer for Rosenbauer firetrucks and firefighting foams from Fomtec and Angus.

Kenbri is a leader in the field of foam transitioning, particularly the transition of fluorine-containing firefighting foams (like AFFF and FP) to fluorine free foams (F3). This changeover is not easy as it requires intensive preparation (MoC, system change, testing and certification) and guidance during the actual process of the transition.