Boskalis Environmental starts soil washing test on PFAS-contaminated soil

PCTS partner Boskalis Environmental has recently started a test phase soil washing at their facility in the Netherlands. At the existing location in Amersfoort, Boskalis Environmental is allowed to process PFAS-contaminated soil, as approved by the Dutch regulatory body.

In processing 10,000 tons of soil containing PFAS, Boskalis based on rates dependent on the physical and chemical properties of the soil but were definitely competitive to other means of processing (for instance, thermal treatment).

The maximum allowable concentrations for processing are 15 µg/kg PFOS; 35 µg/kg PFOA; 15 µg/kg GenX; and 15 µg/kg for the other PFAS. These values are a factor 5 higher than the soil quality threshold values for reuse (industrial use), which was ‘3-7-3-3’ for the respective constituents.

During the trial, the efficacy of the soil washing process will be assessed. The separated and cleaned sand fraction will also be tested prior to its reuse as ‘class industry soil’.

During the soil washing process, the PFAS constituents are mainly concentrated in the sludge fraction. This fraction is firstly dewatered. Then, it will be transported to and deposited in a secured landfill. If discharge of water does not occur, the processed water is reused completely.

It is expected that, after completion of the test phase, the regulatory body will grant Boskalis Environmental the permit to process this type of soil as well.  

Contact Person: Boskalis Environmental, Joop Jansen (; Telephone: 0651090364